Saskia Charlotte Junker

inquiry results of the day 24th Jan 2023

  • The usa decided to let me end up homeless because I would have come to know some of the biggest secrets of the USA in less than 10 months.
  • I wish to remind the USA that I have a legit right to know all those things and just for your information.
  • I knew it has been YOU stealing them from me.
  • I did not even talk about your BIGGEST secrets.II publish here only the crimes that have been done to me.
  • Not what I consider as confidential.
  • Apart from that I have an origin right to know all of it but people pretended that i would not be interested and then they gave everything to someone else. To a criminal.governmente know it but they don't give a shit. Well actually they DO give a shit because th criminal is one of them.
  • And just to your information . I know things eversince my BIRTH you only know because YOU did indignata on me while I was traveling here.
  • Same counts for other countries. It is not my fault that th entire world did insignias on me in all countries i ever have been since my birth and it has been all continents except of is not me who gave away knowledge.
  • It has been caused by yourself.
  • And yes the entire world knows that I am NOT crazy but it is funny that the inquiry showed very clearly WHO are the real criminals who put me on drugs to cause crazy reactions or who deprived me from money that I was forced to sleep in airports or on the streets or who put me in danger in all hotels so that I slept iny car instead...
  • So everyone stating that i am insane and crazy.those are the ones people should arrest. Because everyone who talked to me in his life in PERSON for more than an hour knows that I am not crazy at all but you probably then thought someone else would have been saying this because someone swapped then the insignias and you only listen to INSIGNA labels instead of talking to someone .
  • Well.. you ought better ask the state agent i met in Prince Rupert Canada in November 2019 from the USA who was asking me for coaching advice and who knew very well that I am NOT insane.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Saskia Charlotte Junker.
Published on on 25.01.2023.


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