James Woods

It was a Privilege

It was nice to have had the privilege
to have lived within this land,
in the finest hours in history
when everything was grand.
With the passing nineteenth century,
our nation now resigned,
to create new ways of living,
our pathways re-designed.
New laws committed kids to school
and changed our styles of work.
Life improved tremendously.
‘Twas goodness gone berserk.
Work styles expanded
throughout the modern world.
But little did we know about
the devils we’d unfurled.
Smoke filled skies get wider,
casting pollution far and wide.
Eating its fill of ozone,
creating a hole inside.
To add further to this problem;
cast your eyes on high!
The ever-converging vapour trails
add pollution to the sky.
Just think of all the cars you see,
burning fuel day by day.
It’s the same pollution rising,
and for that we’ll have to pay.
They say icebergs are melting,
and deserts expand in size.
Crops worldwide are failing!
Is this really a surprise?
We fill our lands with rubbish
and hope it will go astray.
We over-fish our oceans,
and cut our forests away.
Maybe this is meant to be.
It’s the only way we learn!
Why worry that we’ve probably passed
the point of no return.  



All rights belong to its author. It was published on e-Stories.org by demand of James Woods.
Published on e-Stories.org on 20.09.2012.


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