Ericka Felton

Would You Forgive Me?

Last night I cried a river of tears
Because I was afraid of my own fears
Fearful of tomorrow and what it could bring
Itís not the economy, not the election
Itís the sunshine without months of rain.
So I ask who knows what tomorrow brings
It could bring joy, happiness, or pain.
So I ask would you forgive me
If tomorrow never came
Forgive me because Iíve become a victim of someone elseís pain.
Would you forgive me because I shed tears, saw bruises and felt pain?
Would you forgive me because I never told a sole and endured it all
and still tried to remain sane.
Would you forgive me for loving someone who didn'tít give a shit about me?
 Or would you forgive me because I was too blind to see.
Would you forgive me because it ended with a gunshot, a knife cut or blow to the head?
 Or would you forgive me because the Doctors said its over, there is nothing else to be said.
Would you forgive me because of the fear I live in everyday
Would you forgive me because I did not stop this nonsense today?
Would you hug my daughter and kiss my sons
and tell my grand babies that with grandma they were always number one.
Will you think back to a time when I tried to reveal my terror?
 Or would you forgive yourself or will let guilt live with you forever.
Would you not judge me and say it was my fault
or would you say ShhhÖ and not give it another thought.
Would you be there if I pulled through? Never judging or side eyeing but loving me and showering me with support and  helping make me a new.
Ask yourself would you forgive no matter what. Will you listen, watch, and stay mindful. Will you honestly forgive, love, and help me and ask for help from up above.
  Will you forgive me because I didn't know, didnít show, or was just stuck in a situation?
or will you help me to move on  or would you say, itís too late because this is the day of her salvation..:


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Ericka Felton.
Published on on 15.10.2008.


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