Stefanie Haertel

I sit on the bench in our park

I sit on the bench in our park,
but without you
it´s dark
inside of me.
My soul is screaming your name.

I miss you
and I don´t know 
why you left.
You promised me
that we stay together.

My hope was always 
that we are a team-
like my grandparents.
Now there are 
nothing but questions.

But I choose
not to become bitter
and I´m thankful
for the time
we spend together.

I keep you
in my heart.

Yes, there was a hole
in my soul,
but I fill it
with memories 
of love.

I sit on the bench
in our park
and after a long time
I feel glad.

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Stefanie Haertel.
Published on on 05.07.2024.


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