Saskia Charlotte Junker

what 's Fried Heinz Theodor s real identity?Born 26th06 1935

He said to me on Christmas 2014/15 he would be afraid of the day I might unmask his real identity.

Is it today? That I do?
Who is that man? Who was that man of whom people who thought to know him got offended the day I realized that he is a man with many faces...
While he had said these words himself to me...

He knew that I see the soul of persons, that I can feel everything that is alive nomatter how far or big or small...
But I never managed to figure him...

It was as if he lacked energy...

He tapped into other people's energy as soon as he managed to create a form of dependency ...

Who is he? The man who is a grandmason, a lion and rotary member , an Osho member...

A BND and CIA agent... Contacted with Wilke and von Hauff with Marietta hart with Formigoni and vamdoren with zeni and Saglia tobaldini and entire malcesine Altenmarkt and Switzerland..

The man who gives billions to the dangerous ex Chinese special CIA agent and serial killer who abused and persecuted and raped and threatened..why did he give that persons even billions to do so?

Why did he sell me to military and malcesine to help him fake his death while he was anyway a German BND state agent and therefor having the state agent retirement??

And why is he hiding at villa Maria margherita with dirigono Zeno and in Altenmarkt Austria, born in Hohenems as he was?!?

WHO is that person?!?

Who dared to let experiment with me by military and secret services in agreement and cooperation with mechthild wand and Helmuth Schneider and Uschi herrchenbach?
While I am not even their relative!?!

Why did they pass me for Samantha and how is it possible that they did?

Are they the real parents of Samantha then???

Who is fried Heinz Theodor in reality?!

Officially died on 9th of November 2015 ?!

And then even people daring to accuse me of attempt of murder?

I did not even know he was sick seen he caused with Janina maria an entire isolation of mine?!?

Was he really the son of Edith Kempchen , really the grandson of Heinrich Kempchen?


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Saskia Charlotte Junker.
Published on on 22.01.2023.


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