Norman Möschter

I sing my song

I sing my song with all the strength,
that i can muster.
I am too far away from where
I would like to be.

My song rolls deep and down the hill,
sparkling with luster.
I am singing because it's the world
I would like to see.

Somebody must hear, somebody, please!

I sing of children yet unborn
of hope that ever was forlorn.
I sing for blossoms on the tree -
and sometimes I sing for me.

If ever were my words to be carried
to your ears and they understood.
Please, would you send a heart full of love,
cause I am done with hearts full of wood.
I am done, they have hurt me a lot.

So, I still sing and I won't stop.
My song still carries all my sorrow.
As long as I can carry on
I also will be here tomorrow.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Norman Möschter.
Published on on 01.05.2014.


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